February 11, 2009

Twelve Months to Your Ideal Private Practice: A Workbook

Twelve Months to Your Ideal Private Practice: A Workbook by Lynn Grodski was inspiring to me! I really want to dive in and start doing the exercises; unfortunately, I know deep inside that now is NOT the time to actually do that. I'm just coming out of my first trimester of pregnancy, and before I start ANYTHING new I need to reassemble my life to a state resembling functionality (you know, take my Christmas tree down - NO I AM NOT KIDDING!)

However, I do think I will use this book. It's practical (which appeals to me), has a lot of innovative ideas (at least to me, who knows very little about business), and offers some good metrics for how things should work in a small business (like percentages for expenses, time to work on "office" stuff, etc.) I think it will work for me. I wish I could convince some other small business people I know and love to work through it with me, but I know from past experience that you can't give away what others aren't looking for . . ..

A good read. (And if you are a small business person who would be interested in working through this book with me, let me know . . .)

February 10, 2009

Blue Truth

Blue Truth: A spiritual guide to life & death and love & sex by David Deida is very interesting. Reading it, I thought that the way I would probably get the most out of it would be as a recorded meditation guide. I could play a chapter a day as a relaxation/meditation focus. It's very stream-of-consciousness-ish, and so it's hard for me to sit and concentrate on more than a chapter at a time . . .

Here is my favorite quote:

"Freedom doesn't mean freedom from. As long as you are alive, you can never be free from pain, from loss, or from death. Things come and go, including your loved ones and your own body and mind. True freedom means freedom as. True freedom is to feel fully and be alive as love, feeling as this entire moment, opening just as this moment is." (p. 17)

There are also various passages which come close to describing something I have often done throughout my life. When I was 15 I was mugged, and lived with a lot of fear for a long time afterwards. Eventually, I learned to . . . take my fear with me. To go ahead, and walk down the street or into a dark room by myself, wearing my fear like a cloak. Yes, I am afraid, but I am going on anyway. I think David Deida is talking about something similar, only with many emotions and situations.